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Unlike the overabundant number of consultants who teach only passive procedures, Warrior Concepts founder and primary training consultant, Jeffrey Miller knows that passive Workplace Violence Plans and Procedures are usually “feel good” programs that allow company executives to operate in denial.  These token plans leave employees, and management alike, completely unprepared for physical threats and actual violent attacks, whether they be simple shoves or grabs, attacks on nurses, managers, and teachers, or something as horrific as the indiscriminate shooting of co-workers, school students, or the terrorist abduction and murder of employees abroad.

That’s why his motto is:

“I teach your people what to do when your passive workplace violence plan… fails.”

Everyone knows that OSHA recommends a zero-tolerance policy toward workplace violence, and company-provided training to inform employees of what conduct is not acceptable, as well as on how to protect themselves.

WCI knows that OSHA also suggests that a complete workplace violence training program also include:

  • Assault response training
  • Attack avoidance training
  • Personal safety, and…
  • Self defense training…

something sorely missing in the plans and programs used in most companies.  And, without this critical element, companies are exposing themselves to a new threat…

…liability and negligence-based law suits from injured employees and their lawyers.

The result?  By not having a solid workplace violence training program, with all elements in-tact, a company can find that, should something happen, they have the VERY same liability problem that their plan was supposed to counter in the first place!

Mr. Miller and his WCI team of professional trainers drive home the essentials of self-protection in a way that no booklet, video program, online course, or verbal presentation can. All of our programs are liability-conscious, unique to your organization’s needs, and designed to build awareness, skill, and confidenceas quickly as possible.

In short, WCI’s mission is centered around helping you survive…

“When Prevention Is NOT ENOUGH!”

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