Have You Properly Trained Your Employees to
Effectively Handle A Workplace Violence Incident?

The truth of the matter is that…

In the time that it takes for you to read this page, at least one employee, supervisor, manager, or business owner will have died as a result of violence in the workplace.  By the end of today, about 13 men and women will have lost their lives, not on the streets or in some back-alley – not in a war or police action – but, on the job.

And, for every one of these victims – people just like you and I – people with hopes, dreams, family, friends, and their whole lives ahead of them – for every one of them…

…there are thousands more who will be assaulted, intimidated, raped, threatened, robbed, and more.  And that’s just TODAY!

The recent, high-profile, high-intensity incidents that have occurred recently, the ones you’ve heard about on the news or read about in the paper or on your Yahoo or MSN newsfeed… are just the tip of the iceberg.  The random nature of violence is being compounded by recent factors including, the state of the economy, the increase in stress, and shere lack of coping skills, means that things are going to get much worse than they have been in the past.  The question is…

What Will You Do If the Prevention Measures You’ve Put into Place…
Aren’t Enough?

What will your employees do… during or, perhaps more importantly… AFTER an incident?

Can you handle the lost-time expense, both financially and productivity-wise that will occur? Can you weather the turn-over, or the publicity?

Can you survive the potential legal liability issues and actions that may arise. And, if so… for how long, and for how many?

If we could help you impliment training which would make your workplace more safe and secure – if we could teach you and your employees how to survive a deadly nightmare like those you’ve been seeing in the news, would you be interested?

Don’t Operate on Denial or Ignorance Like So Many Others…

Workplace violence has become the second leading cause of work-related death for employees, and the number one cause of work-related death for women and managers.

Jeffrey M. Miller, CEO and WCI’s founder, is offering the following live training workshops and seminars in select areas.  To register for one of these powerful, life-saving events, just click on the registration link to reserve your place.  If you don’t see your area listed, you may use the contact form to suggest a location, or contact us if your company would like to sponsor/host an event either in-house or for your local area businesses.


The Following Training Topics Are Scheduled
For March & April, 2013


“Workplace Violence: Why Prevention Is NOT ENOUGH!

This two-hour lecture presentation is perfect for the concerned human resources, training, and/or safety manager. It is designed to outline the 8 Phases of an Effective and Liability-Conscious Workplace Violence Defense and Survival Training Program.  Participants will be given more than just information, you will find out why in Today’s world, you’re just “buying time” if you don’t have the right training in your facility.

At the end of this seminar, you will walk away with:

  • A better understanding of the nature of violence and why your employee training program MUST include self-defense and personal safety measures
  • The 3 essential parts – including a necessary and often missing element – to most workplace violence plans – pieces that are part of OSHA’s definition of a complete workplace violence system
  • An overview of the situations and topics that should be addressed and planned for to insure the least amount of physical damage to people, property, and your business
  • Answers to the two most critical problems that you face as a human resources or safety manager when it comes to providing corporate self-defense training in your facility
  • A clear understanding of the myths and realities regarding workplace violence and why prevention initiatives are not enough to insure your safety

Only $45 per person

(Due to the extremely low cost of this event – no group discounts are offered)


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Don’t see a location near you?  Call us at (570) 988-2228 to get information about sponsoring this event in your area or arranging for in-house training for your people.

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