Why Should Your Company Choose WCI?

As you know, the greatest compliment that a client can give is to refer you to others.  WCI strives to always exceed expectations and provide information and training programs unlike any other available elsewhere.

See what past clients and those who have participated in our programs have to say about WCI and our leader, Jeffrey M. Miller.

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Real Case Studies from other professionals like you…


“At Ronin Consultants, we understand the need for assault avoidance and self-defense training in Today’s world.  As a company who operates and works for clients in New York and other large metropolitan cities, where the population of not just the area was large, but also the size of workforces grows accordingly, we recognized the need for making sure that our people were capable of keeping themselves safe should something occur.  In addition to physical assault training, I know first-hand how important it is to be able to think and act under pressure as I was working less than two miles away from ground-zero in New York City on September 11th, 2001.

The programs delivered by WCI’s Jeffrey Miller exceeded our expectations.  The information and delivery was not only well-thought out and on-target with what we needed, but it was also very different from the same rehashed materials that we had encountered in the past.  It became clear, after the very first presentation, that WCI would be the company of choice for Ronin Consultants’ employee self-protection training.

Our people were not just taught self-defense moves.  They were taught the science behind how and why we respond the way we do under pressure.  If your company is looking to add this important type of training to your employee education program, I highly recommend that you talk with WCI and see why they are our number one choice when it comes to this type of training.”


Erskine R. Harris, President

Ronin Consultants Corp
York, Pennsylvania

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“I have known Jeffrey M. Miller for little more than a year, but his philosophy and discipline has touched my life. I had the opportunity to introduce Mr. Miller to my management team on two occasions, November 2006 and February 2007. The experience has enriched our group as well as each member individually.

We commenced a collaborative project aimed at the improved security of the school cafeteria environment as well as individual personal protection. This was not a main stream idea, and yet Mr. Miller immediately recognized its potential benefits to the Hempfield School District Child Nutrition Department. Mr. Miller brought a wealth of experience and analytical skills to this project which will undoubtedly ensure its ongoing success. He demonstrated an ability and willingness to seek out new techniques, keeping our work environment in mind.

Mr. Miller is a highly focused, enthusiastic and fully committed professional. He is meticulous in researching the relevant technical and scientific basis to his presentation, which brings a broader perspective and unique direction to each participant. As a confident and articulate martial arts instructor, with over 25 years of experience, he can express ideas and concepts to the non-expert which enhance the confidence of the average person.

Mr. Miller is warm and engaging, passionate about his work, encouraging every participant to employ the tactics he’s shown. Mr. Miller is highly respected by me and my colleagues for his integrity, his passion for the art, and his ability to network at various levels in order to assimilate the information necessary. He is tireless in exploring areas at the cutting edge of security, personal protection, and the martial arts.

I encourage anyone who has the chance to experience personal instruction, or a seminar with Jeffrey Miller or Warrior Concepts International to do so immediately. Your life will be enriched!”
Joan L. Fitzsimmons, Supervisor
CN Department , Hempfield School District
200 Church Street, Landisville, PA 17538

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“A self protection situation is so much more than actual combat. In fact, Jeff Miller has taught me that self protection does not necessarily even involve a confrontational situation. It is about learning who I am…how I relate to myself, and how I present myself to others. It is about being the best that I can be at any moment in time, in any situation, with anyone or alone, at work or in leisure. It is about recognizing and overcoming my own internal obstacles and external distractions. It’s about knowing my ideals and living up to them in all areas of life to benefit myself, my business, and all others. Through all of this, I may actually avoid conflict. This is where self defense starts, long before the threatening situation occurs.

A very important part of my growth process has been knowing that my instructor teaches from more than a book, but from experience. Jeff Miller lives what he teaches. I know it’s real. It works for him, and it works for me. I’ve been training under his supervision since 1991.

I am not naturally coordinated or physically strong. I would have been an easy target for an attacker-physically, mentally, or emotionally. Mr. Miller has been one of the few people that could talk to me in very simple terms so that I get the message without feeling belittled. Rather, I feel empowered because I take the steps necessary to become the person I want to be, and I know I have his support-for life. Through Mr. Miller, I have learned to rely on my strengths while improving other areas. I don’t have to be something I’m not in order to be successful. I am confident that I can defend myself appropriately in any given situation.

Working in the long term care environment, I deal frequently with confused seniors. Some staff in this setting may feel the need to either take combative behavior or retaliate, hurting the disoriented senior. I have learned ways to prevent that person from hurting anyone, while not causing any harm myself.

My training means so much to me that I also became a teacher. Currently I focus on taking this great way of life to senior citizens. If even one person is able to overcome a difficult situation as the result of sharing this wonderful way of life, I know my mission has been accomplished.”

Kimberly S. Noel
President & CEO
Spectrum Senior Consultants, Inc.
Independent Distributor

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“Mr. Miller’s approach to self protection and occupational/work-place safety is both thorough and effective. Drawing on over two decades of martial arts, military, police and protection experience, he is able to distill the most useful aspects of self protection from a larger body of knowledge and package and present them in a way that makes them accessible to, and effective for, average people without the need for years of training. Mr. Miller teaches effective tactics for dealing with all stages of a developing situation, but his brains-over-brawn approach emphasizes the use of awareness and strategy to help avoid the need for physical confrontation. His methods are highly effective. Several of my students and I attend his training events at every possible opportunity.”

John Healy, Personal Development Coach
(Contact information available upon request)

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