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OSHA statistics reveal that an average of 20 workers are murdered each week within the United States and about 33,000 workers per week are victims of non-fatal workplace violence. Approximately 88% of the victims are white, and 66% of the victims are male.

If you’re visiting this site, it can only mean that you’re concerned with the potential for workplace violence errupting in your company.  In that light, perhaps your concerns are centered around the fact that:

  • You’re a manager who’s been given the responsibility for creating or updating your organization’s workplace violence program. Like many in your position, you have little to no actual self-defense or personal protection training or experience in handling violent confrontation and you wonder, “where do I begin?”  WCI Consulting will provide you and your team with the most usable and up-to-date information on workplace violence prevention & protection.  Whether you choose one of our training programs or consulting services during the development of your program and procedures, we’re here to help you create a solid and liability-conscious plan that will protect employees, managaement, AND the company.
  • Your organization’s workplace violence plan consists mostly of “zero-tolerance”statements, banned weapons lists, and incident reporting policies.  You know that these things are necessary elements in deterring violence but, by themselves, are useless in protecting you during an actual attack.  WCI Consulting takes a very different approach from typical workplace violence consultants and trainers available to you in that we focus on the “protection” element.  Through actual hands-on training with an experienced professional, we will insure that you and your people learn solid, proven, and time-tested tactics for surviving an actual attack.  Something that no video, manual, or online training course could ever do.
  • You have concerns about domestic violence spilling over into your workplace. As well you should. The truth is that DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IS ON THE INCREASE in the corporate world.  During our intensive programs, you and your managers and employees will learn what can be done to reduce its threat to your safety and well being while learning how to escape from a violent encounter should you get caught in the “cross-fire”.
  • You see the need for your employees to be able to peacefully defuse situations involving hostile and potentially violent individuals – whether they are other employees or guests – without creating a liability problem for your organization. WCI Consulting is very sensitive to your liability concerns.  We will teach you and your managers and employees the same time-tested techniques used successfully by law enforcement, security, and conflict resolution managers around the world.  One of the greatest benefits is that your employees who receive training will be able to stay more calm under pressure than those who don’t.  This translates to peaceful resolution of potentually volatile situations because your employees will know what to do.
  • You’re a medical professional who knows that the typical “wisdom” being passed on about workplace violence does not apply to your organization.  WCI Consulting knows that nurses and other medical professionals are at the top of the list for the number of incidents which occur on the job.  We know that your people are at risk from people who simply don’t fit the typical attacker profile used by most workplace violence experts.  Our programs can be tailored to fit each individual department within your facility so that your front-line medical staff is getting exactly what they need to handle the situations they are most-likely to encounter, while also insuring the liability-control you need to avoid complicated legal matters
  • .You’re a school or university administrator concerned about the potential for violence from, and against students, parents, and visitors.  WCI Consulting offers programs for your teaching and support staff that allows you to prevent, control, and protect everyone involved.  In Today’s world of juvenile offenders, bullying, lack of discipline and respect for authority, and parental threats which only serve to foster and aggrevate the problem, and your teachers and staff are often faced with situations that require more than passive communication skills and the threat of punitive punishment.  You want to make sure that you and your professionals are prepared.
  • You want to learn how to protect yourself without spending months or years in a martial arts school learning things that have nothing to do with self-defense in today’s world.  WCI Consulting teaches a very simple approach to self-defense in the workplace – we teach principles and concepts that are easy to learn, easy to remember, and easy to use.  And, best of all, you can learn what you need in short training intensives designed to provide everything from the basics, all the way to an instructor training program so that you’ll have your own in-house trainers and experts.
  • You’ve seen the horrific stories in the news about workplace violence and want to make sure that your organization can do everything to prevent such incidents.  And, if you can’t prevent an attack, you at least want to make sure that you and your people can avoid becoming a victim of a workplace violence tragedy.

If any of the above reasons describe why your here, or perhaps you have a reason that’s not listed but it relates to dealing with the rising problem of workplace violence…


The focus of the programs and services available through WCI Conculting is internal violence – terrorism that occurs within the organization – YOUR organization.  It was borne out of reality and my own personal study, research, and experience as a federal police officer, undercover investigator, and bodyguard. It is the product of over 30 years of experience on the streets and teaching people from all walks of life how to deal with violent attackers, crisis situations, and survive situations that had potentially deadly consequences.

The workplace violvence programs available to your organization or facility depart from the conventional and traditional way in which workplace violence prevention has been taught.  Our training is based on the proposition that there are certain key elements which allow for violence to errupt in an organization and that employees who are trained to handle and defend themselves against a violent attack are actually less-likely to become an attacker themselves.  To be effective, your workplace violence training program must include not only lessons for prevention, but also for attack evasion, assault avoidance, and personal self-defense.  And all programs must be effective, easy-to-learn, and liabilty-conscious.

WCI Consulting provides programs which may be tailored to include the entire workforce, particular departments, or limited to managers and supervisors as they are the eyes and ears of your organization and the first-line of defense against potential problems.  We stay focused on what is most important for your organization’s safety, while providing you with real-world answers to this VERY real-world threat tothe health and longevity of your organization and your people.

Whether your inquiry into workplace violence was out of a desire to protect a fellow human being or simply a quest for knowledge, you visited this site for noble, honorable and humane reasons. You have taken a big step and I thank you for that.

The trainer, Jeffrey M. Miller, is an internationally-recognized self-defense expert. He has writen or contributed to numerous articles on the subject of workplace violence and has provided training throughout the United States and international venues. He is called upon frequently by national news organizations for his expertise on workplace violence prevention and protection.


        “When Prevention Is NOT ENOUGH!”

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