Regardless of what you’ve been told, the Truth is…

You don’t have a complete Workplace Violence Safety Program for your facility if it’s composed mostly of statements of “zero tolerance,” “banned-weapons-on-site” lists, punitive action policies, and required incident reporting.

As unfortunate as it is, violent and often critical incidents do occur in the work place. From the disgruntled employee to the student who opens fire on campus, in today’s world violence is not limited to the streets and so-called “bad-parts-of-town.” Recent incidents around the world continue to prove that violence can strike anywhere – and at any time.

Are you really prepared for a catastrophic workplace violence attack on your facility? Do you and your employees know how to escape, survive, and defend yourself against another violent human being or other danger?

Contrary to media reports, danger often comes, not from within but, from outside your company as-well. From hospital staff members dealing with aggressive patients and family members, to realtors showing homes to individuals for the first time, to corporate executives traveling in foreign countries, lawyers being attacked after an unfavorable court decision, teachers being assaulted by students and parents, or just walking to your car after work, violence in today’s world is spilling over into the workplace..

And, with the overwhelming statistics that cite workplace violence as the number one cause of homicide, assault, rape and sexual assault, the question is not “if” something will happen to you or your people…

…but “when.”


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